Silver One Intl. and Blue Star Clothing Company are leaders in product design across multiple categories. Our in-house creative, innovative design team is dedicated to creating unique products that are both aesthetically and functionally outstanding. The products are consistently fashion forward. Our designers keep current on fashion and trends, and have their fingers on the pulse of the newest styles, which translate into products that maintain their competitive advantage.

Silver One Intl. and Blue Star Clothing have a team of product specialists who handle a wide range of product categories. Our technical production team creates conceptual drawings, product specification drawings and product renderings and illustrations. They are well versed in manufacturing and finishing techniques that result in well-designed products and an expedited “concept to market” cycle time.

Superb design must be balanced with a strategically sound product development and manufacturing. To ensure this, we provide the following:

  • Quick prototype sampling
  • Accurate product costing
  • Production management
  • Quality control inspections
  • Product regulatory and performance testing management
  • Direct strategic partners – Over 70 joint ventures / ownerships in factories across Asia
  • An in-house production team in China to ensure a seamless production process