Silver One Intl. and Blue Star Clothing Company were founded in 2004 as the brainchild of Jack Ezon and Sion Betesh to fulfill unmet needs in the retail market. Namely, quality product, fashion forward styling, value oriented products with consumer friendly packaging. The companies are widely recognized as leaders in product design and packaging, focused on enhancing the consumer shopping experience.

Silver One Intl. and Blue Star Clothing currently employ an extensive staff of packaging and product designers, technical designers and merchandisers at their NY offices. In addition, it houses a full staff of merchandisers at their Shanghai facilities. The companies currently service over 100,000 retail doors in the USA. While the company does not disclose financials, it is a vibrant, innovative, profitable, constantly expanding firm. Retailers regularly depend on us to grow, innovate, and build small categories into large scale profitable businesses. We pride ourselves on our retail partnerships that cross multiple categories, in which we maintain bottom to top level relationships.

About our Founders

Jack Ezon holds an undergraduate degree in finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in business administration from Columbia University. He founded the firm after spending several years on Wall Street in investment banking and private equity financing.

Sion Betesh has over 25 years experience as a domestic producer of apparel and soft home products and has spent the past decade cementing supply chain relationships globally to ensure sterling quality and timely production of products.